Small Business Search

Many Google AdWords DIYers find their accounts get suspended. Why? All that they recieve is an email from the Google AdWords Team stating that their account has been suspended and no advertisements will run on Google. The reason being non-compliance with Google AdWord’s Terms of Service and Advertising policies.

Have you received one such email from the Google Team?

Many customers who are new to AdWords are unaware of Google’s policies that they need to adhere to while setting up their accounts. Google’s Help Center provides all the necessary info but let’s face it – you were anxious to dive in and get started right away.

You created your AdWords account created the new campaigns, ad groups, and stuffed a huge list of keywords in each ad group. The next thing that happens is you spend a ton of money, wonder if it’s working and then one fine day your shocked with an email that the account is suspended.

On the flip side, many small business owners acknowledge that they are too busy managing their business to familiarize themselves with everything they need to know about online marketing, SEO and geo-targeting local search shoppers. Additionally, such companies usually don’t have an IT department or an in-house web staff so they choose to outsource it to a third party provider. They contact faceless providers through any of the many project bidding websites. You post your requirements and set a budget. Someone bids as low as $50 for your project, which is really worth $500 and a full day of planning. End result, dissatisfaction!

So what’s the solution? The solution lies in searching for a good provider who has the necessary credentials for optimizing an AdWords account and partnering with you to build an online web presence for your local business. How do you ensure that you’re getting a quality search marketer?

  1. Ask your provider if they are GAP certified? GAP stands for Google AdWords Professional. This certification is only awarded when a person completes an online exam and is well versed with the Google AdWords system and their Policies and Terms and Conditions?
  2. Find out if your provider has any hands on experience in optimizing Google AdWords accounts? In SEO?
  3. For how long has your provider been optimizing Google AdWords accounts? Has your provider hired an experienced staff?
  4. How will they go about optimizing your PPC and online presence?

We all like to make the best use of our hard-earned money. In most cases, low priced services do not offer the best quality. They are low priced because the quality is compromised. Where does this leave the small business owner? Caught between a rock and a hard place. Until now. Blue Poppy SEM’s small business solution offers local businesses the only cost-effective and strategic solution to compete with big-budget competitors.

The choice is now in your hands!