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by Angie on March 10, 2011

A. Gibson, Founder

A. Gibson, Founder

At Blue Poppy, we’re often asked, “Who hosts your website?” or “Which hosting company do you think is the best?

I’m surprised by how frequently we get asked for a recommendation so I thought it warranted a quick blog post.

Let me first say that it is HARD to survive in an industry powered by a few big players (i.e. Go Daddy) who can dominate the online marketing; however, every now and then you find a web hosting provider who provides great hosting and has survived its competitors simply based on the fact that they consistently provide a great user experience.

LinkSky is a PERFECT example of this type of host provider.

At Blue Poppy, we work hard to provide high quality cost-effective marketing programs that engage customers and drive buying cycles for small to mid-size businesses. When it came time to partner with a provider we had those same two requirements, be a (1) great value and offer (2) impeccable customer service.

VERY RARELY do I come across a host who is as good and affordable as LinkSky. This great host provides their users with top-notch support techs with extensive real-world webmaster experience and reliable, friendly customer support! I’ve been calling and speaking with Shirley Foster since my very first website, launched in 2002. NEVER has she or the LinkSky team let me down. They offer great service and go above and beyond to exceed my expectations.

  • Verifiable 99.9% uptime!
  • No start up or bandwidth/traffic fees!
  • Affordable monthly hosting plans!
  • Outstanding support 24/7/365!

Need a new host provider? Ready to launch a blog? Our rates for hosting through LinkSky are below. Give me a call, 770-480-2637.

Hosting for your website or blog

Without a doubt, I recommend LinkSky for web hosting. If you have a website or blog designed and launched by Blue Poppy, rest assured your site will be up because we only use LinkSky!


Google Algorithm Change

by Angie on February 28, 2011


Google Announces Major “Algorithm Improvement”

Google changed its mathematical formula late Thursday in order to better weed out “low-quality” sites that offer users little value. Google is going to reward unique content that is high quality and offers real value to site visitors.  It will continue to give relevancy and weight to authentic inbound links. Excellent!  As it should be. I personally was about to turn to Bing for my searches if they didn’t make a BIG change and SOON. 🙂

What’s the fallout? These “low-quality” content farm wesites are used by SEO gurus to post keyword rich articles for their clients. Imagine you had contracted with one of these SEO gurus. By Friday morning your web traffic would have plummeted by as much as 65%! Today you’d be back to square one… Ok, maybe square two —  but still you get the point.

Why? What they do is send articles rich with your top keywords to one of the big content farms best known for churning out tons of crappy useless content with website URLs — hence the term content farm.

Some people are calling this a shift back to “on-page optimization” – whatever you call it; just make sure you learn the lesson – Adding quality, unique content and authentic inbound links from real business directories and strategic partners to your site and blog is always a good idea – for the engines and for your site visitors.

Who’s affected:

WSJ article: